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The travel programs created at VIP Expeditions explore below the surface of a destination in a way that challenges and involves the traveler. Each program has a historical context that ties the geography, philosophy and indigenous people together. My adventures are designed to truly seek an experience that is vastly different from any other trip offering available.

These programs are created for individuals who have a sincere interest in traveling and experiencing a secluded region of our world, before it forever changes. They do not wish to go where everyone goes, nor travel in the manner that everyone else does ... they want the unique ... they are seeking a personal journey. Often these people have an interest in developing their photographic awareness but not always. However, they always want the unhurried pace of travel that allows the senses to know a place intimately. We always use the finest available accommodations, vehicles and guides.

Merely complete the application form and submit it along with your deposit and your place on this journey is secure. I will personally guide you through the trip preparation process. My tour bulletins cover all of the information that you will require for the trip and a lot more ... reading lists, visa requirements (packets have already prepared for your convenience), guidebooks, maps, medical and health notes, photographic guidelines, clothing, weather and altitude, shopping, local customs, tipping, meals etc.

I hope that you will decide to join me and a select group of fellow adventurers (and friends) on one of these unique itineraries. It will be an experience that you will never forget and one that you will discuss for years to come.

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